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Wallachia is the southern region of Romania, between the River Olt and Danube. Here lies Bucharest is the capital city of Romania and the largest city in the country. It is a great destination for a city break in Romania and the most important starting/ending point. The Old Town of Bucharest is a great place to explore the city or for your leisure/shopping.


Parliament Palace, Ceausescu Residence, Royal Palace, Athenaeum, Old Town, Village Museum, Natural Sciences Museum, Military Museum, Choral Temple, Princely Court, Stavropoleus Church, etc

Tourist attractions

Very nice museums, wonderful pedestrian area in Old Town for visits and leisure, great classic architecture of 19th century, buildings, communist times sights

Top tourist attractions in Wallachia



The capital of Romania is first documented for the first time in 1462 during the time of Radu cel Frumos brother of Vlad the Impaler. It first, became the capital of Romania in 1859 when Alexandru Ioan Cuza established the capital of the new state Romania in Bucharest. Bucharest was developed very well during the time of Carol I - our first king of the Hohenzollern -Sigmaringen dynasty.

curtea de arges

Wallachia Royal Court

Situated approximately 150 km north-west of Bucharest, Curtea de Arges used to be the capital of the Romanian Country or Wallachia from 1290 until 1396. The idea is that a nobleman who participated in this crusade from 1396-Nikopol noted in his documents about the movement of the capital from Curtea de Arges to Targoviste. In Curtea de Arges we have two important stops to make.

primaria buzau

Buzau county

Buzau is a county located in southeastern Romania, in the Muntenia region. It borders Brașov and Covasna counties to the northwest, Prahova to the west, the Ialomița to the south, Brăila to the east, and Vrancea to the northeast.


Calarasi County

Calarasi county is placed in the southeast of Romania, bordered by the Danube to its southern side.



Dobrogea or Dobrogea is a historical region in the Balkans that has been divided since the 19th century between the territories of Bulgaria and Romania. It is located between the Lower Danube and the Black Sea and includes the Danube Delta, the Romanian coast, and the northernmost part of the Bulgarian coast. The territory of Dobrogea is made up of Northern Dobrogea, which is part of Romania, and South Dobrogea, which is part of Bulgaria.



The first writings about Targoviste as capital of Wallachia were found in the journal of Johann Schiltberger, who fought in the Nikopol crusade in 1396. The core of the princely Court was built during the time of ruler Mircea the Elder and it was made from a construction complex designated for the royal family, ministries and their servants.

Travel tips

Spend minimum 2 nights in Bucharest before or after your trip to Romania. Book for a hotel with central location which will allow you to have a fast acces to major sights and to the walking area of the Old Town. Book a guided tour of Bucharest to have the best experience. Your tor guide will know all details about the history and stories of the city, details about visited sights and can be a good navigator through the city crowdedness and a good advisor for places to eat and have fun in your free time.

Why to travel in this region?

First of all Bucharest is a major starting / ending point for a trip in Romania. Therefore the best way is to add 1-3 days before or after your tour, to explore Bucharest. It is a nice city which combine sights from different periods of time starting with 15 th century to the glorius days of 19th century and begining of 20th century and finaly to Communist period and 21st century modern buildings. A tour of Bucharest or a city break in Bucharest will reveal the rich history and culture of this city. You'll enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the Old Town. Bucharest's restaurants and pubs are a great place to enjoy Romanian or international meals, to have fun and great parties.

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